Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home remodeling Sunday off

We are officially on strike today. Ron worked the last several days on piecing together an authentic baseboard and molding for our kitchen. Spent a lot of time slithering around on his stomach, and running up and down the basement stairs to measure twice, cut once, and not spew sawdust into the living space. Lord love him. Goofing off today, then back at it tomorrow. Marty Jess will probably come help again this week, finishing the exterior wood-rot problem. Still contemplating ideas for the upper balcony and ground level porch. Our original ideas for improving those spaces would have cost us more than we could comfortably spend. Back to the drawing board. Anybody want to paint a huge, looming house? The other news is that the bats in the belfy seem to have thinned out this year. By golly, it helps when the mamas breed someplace in the bluffs instead of the attic!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

House Restoration: Exterior

I just noticed I'm blogging in slow motion, both here and on my Power Tourist blog. Note to self: one blog is plenty. Meantime, Ron and I are getting lots accomplished here at the Setzepfandt House. This is the Summer of the Exterior. Case in point, the exterior siding of the kitchen bay window has long been rather mushy. We enlisted the aid of Marty Jess who came over yesterday to work with Ron on ripping out the old rotted wood. We're awaiting some replacement lumber--you might be surprised how many sorts of shapes, sizes and species go into a simple area under a window. We hope to round most of the things up and get the repair completed by early next week.