Sunday, May 15, 2011

Destruction Round 3

But who's counting? Ron, Archie & I just got back from a quick run to Bellevue. We emptied the U-Haul trailer full of goodies and pretty much just walked numbly around the destroyed house. Always darker before the dawn and all that. Thank goodness we had our retreat at the corner of Stone & High street. This picture of our downstairs bathroom tells the tale. All you friends, I bet you just can't wait to visit, knowing the luxurious guest bath that awaits!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

It is the first of May and we're celebrating workers rights by keeping half of Bellevue employed this spring. We're narrowing the decisions about a tin ceiling, kitchen cabinets and layout, bathroom layout, and flooring/carpeting. But first the jacking up of the house needs to finish. As you'll see from this picture of our kitchen, we have some work to do.
Next week we're Bellevue-bound, taking out a U-Haul trailer of lightweight, fragile things we can break ourselves without having to pay the movers to do it. Then back to Laramie to finish packing. Closing June 1; movers come June 6. In between I'm spending three days in Casper, Wyoming at the Wyoming Writers conference. I must be insane.