Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bellevue Herald-Leader

I had the brainstorm that we should probably subscribe to the Bellevue newspaper, the Herald-Leader. So that's what I did. Should be getting our first copy in the mail any day now. When I called the nice woman on the phone took my information and remarked that she didn't get many subscription requests from people in Wyoming. She asked if I knew their editor, Sara Millhouse, which I said yes (at least, virtually). Then I said we were planning to move to Bellevue next year, to which she replied - "oh, we know about you. We've been talking about you! It's a small town."
It is nice to feel so welcome. God, I hope we don't let people down...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Start of Wyoming farewell

We're about one year away from leaving Wyoming and moving to Bellevue. Never fully leaving Wyoming of course, but for the most part, moving toward being full residents of Iowa. It seems important to do some intentional leave taking of this state and record those events here in this blog. Today I leave for the first of two planned solo trips to far reaches of Wyoming. I'm leaving in a few hours to drive to Cody for a conference of Wyoming Writers. I'll stop tonight in Thermpolis and stay at the Days Inn, where they have good access to hot springs. This is a place I've stayed several times over the years. I'll be going this summer with Ron to several places in Wyoming, too, so I'll be able to write about those trips. But first, on to Thermop, dropping off Jukeboxes & Jackalopes photo companions to featured bars along the way.