Monday, October 18, 2010

Boy have I been negligent

What sort of blogger only posts once every two or three months? Whatever type it is, that is the type I apparently am, sad to say. Soon I will be much more regular about it all.
Just a few points to update, I've learned from the former Kathleen Eggers that the family's name was actually spelled Setzepfandt. Minor problem, misspelling a name. I'm not the only one doing it that way, it seems, so I don't feel too badly. I plan to use the traditional German the spelling from now on.
Point two, I was able to publish a story about the Bellevue trains in a recent issue of Here is the link, if you'd like to see it.
Finally, Ron and I have been playing on a the remodeling website at The site has a great feature that allows you to place objects like doors, windows, cabinets and appliances in a room and view the design in 3D. Very helpful for letting us see how we plan to remodel our downstairs kitchen. For some reason, it doesn't have a bathroom remodel template. I plan to investigate another source that will let us do that.