Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello Bellevue

Ron and I just got back from spending several days camping on the floor of our home in Bellevue. Yes, the Setzephandt House will remain a rental until next year, as reported by Sara Millhouse in the Bellevue Herald-Leader (I love that we are the subject of an editorial!)But in between tenants in the downstairs apartments, we floor camped and met a succession of people we can't wait to call neighbors, this time next year. Steve Rollins from across the street who helped Ron repair a downspout; Deb and John Moellers from down the street who took us out on the river and then cooked us dinner; Butch & Carolyn Eggers who gave us a long history of the house where he was born; Dennis Kieffer who brought as a loaner window AC so we wouldn't completely melt in the 90 degree plus days of last week, Dan and Glen Sieverding; Michael Jackson; Travis and Trent Kemp; Randy Rodgers; Mike Marshall; Steve Nemmers ... I know I'm leaving people out. Then of course there is Sheila who found me later on Facebook, and the wonderful folks who are renting our apartments and taking great care of the house in our stead.