Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being a landlord is "fun"

Borrowing from the spirit of the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation marks, I use the word "fun" in an ironic sense. Actually, it hasn't been bad at all. We have two renters who seem just great. (No quotation marks there.) The downstairs renter takes care of tasks like shoveling in winter and mowing in summer. He let us know a few weeks ago that the house mower had died. So we thought about a variety of ideas, such as borrowing one or buying a used mower. Finally we just decided to buy a new mower for the house. Andy (the renter) went up to Dubuque and bought one, put it together, and proceeded to mow. Staying on top of grass in the Midwest is a different prospect than it is here in Wyoming. Thanks to Andy, to neighbor Deb, and to all the others who we dragged into our little problem. Here's hoping the nothing else breaks, for awhile.
The photo is of a solar powered lawnmower, not what Andy bought. Cool though. Here's the link.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Two things: being out of the closet (see previous post) means I just went public about all things Bellevue by linking this blog to my website ( While I was working on that, our renter Andy called. Andy's the one who mows, shovels the walk and so on. Guess what. Mower died. Anybody in Bellevue want to deliver him a new one? Stay tuned!