Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Renovation: Painting and Decorating

We've accomplished quite a bit on the house since my last post, but those accomplishments have been of the tedious, difficulty to document variety. Much of Ron's time has been spent scraping away old paint slopped onto woodwork by previous residents, and drywall mud slopped as a result of our renovation. Al Theilen and J.R. painted our dining room and parlor ceilings, moving the room painting sequence along. Since then, we've installed our dining room ceiling fan and started to paint the walls, only to find that the paint, which looked like it had been mixed to the correct formula when we were at the store, in fact is an odd shade of purple. As I write this blog post, Ron is at the hardware store (hopefully) getting the right smidge of the right color added to the two cans of paint we bought. It is good to be married to an artist. Here are several photos of progress that I haven't posted yet. The guest bathroom, hallway art, a dining room window with curtain